The Love Mae fabric wall decals are just the most divine decals I’ve ever come across – found them in France through a friend who was importing them – and just had to bring them into South Africa to share the love!


They are eco-friendly, reusable (so you can move them and re-stick them - unlike permanent vinyl) and very durable so with a little love can last for years to come!  Although they are slightly more pricey than vinyl – they are worth it -  I moved several homes, countries and continents with mine and over 3 years later they are still going!


1. Peacock Plumage (medium) from R990.00 (excl vat & postage).

2. Floating Feathers (small) R590.00 (excl vat & postage).

3. Pretty Horses (small) R590.00 (excl vat & postage).

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